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    Your Guide

Wula Gura Nyinda means ‘you come this way’.

‘You come this way’, a traditional Aboriginal term for the sharing of stories – both between generations and between cultures.

Wula Gura Nyinda is recognised as one of the Top 10 Indigenous Experiences in Australia. Award winning Darren ‘Capes’ Capewell has carved a name for himself as a charismatic and deeply passionate tour guide of the Shark Bay region. As a descendant of the Nhanda people, the region’s traditional custodians, Capes feels it is his duty to be an ambassador for both his people and his country. Capes was named "Indigenous Tour Guide of the Year" in 2006 and the following year was awarded silver for Indigenous Tourism at the Western Australian Tourism Awards.


  • A World Heritage Listed Location

    A World Heritage Listed Location

We invite tour guests to engage with Aboriginal culture through learning to live in harmony with the environment and embracing the philosophy of caring for country.

"When you visit Gutharraguda and Monkey Mia it is easy to ‘see’ country, but to truly take something away with you – you need to feel the spirit of country. This is what I share with visitors. People walk away with a deeper appreciation of what country means to my people,”

“I guarantee you will leaving feeling and seeing country from a different perspective,”


Gutharraguda, meaning Two Waters

Long before Europeans landed and settled in the Shark Bay area, the land and waters of Monkey Mia and surrounds had sustained the Nhanda and Malgana people for over 40,000 years.

A descendant of the Nhanda and Malgana people, Darren “Capes” Capewell has developed a range of On Country tours that give visitors rare insights and understanding of the natural land, wildlife, stories and traditions of the region from the perspective of the World’s oldest living culture

Caring for Country

Discover the secrets of a beautiful land and understand the deep spritual connection between the Nhanda and Malgana people and this amazing saltwater country.

Ours is a simple philosophy, but it is one that has seen the land preserved and sustained for thousands of years by local Aboriginal people and is one of the most important guiding principles for the Malgana and Nhanda tribes.

Out of respect for Aboriginal customs we ask that you adhere to some basic rules, including no smoking, shirts must be worn at all times and please tread lightly on the ground, step only in the footsteps of the tour guide and be careful to not break tree branches or disturb potential wildlife habitats.


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