• Shark Bay World Heritage Walks

    Shark Bay World Heritage Walks

World Heritage Walking Tour

3 Day Walking Tour

icon-bushwalk.jpgAustralia’s last sunset cultural walks across two world heritage national parks
Learn the cultural story about ancient creation of Wilybidi (Francois Peron National Park) and Wirruwanna (Dirk Hartog Island National Park). Come with us on an adventure like no other as we take the road less travelled.

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World Heritage Walking Tour Overview

What's included

Day one – Wulyibidi Sunset Walk

  • Pick up at 12.00pm in Denham
  • Drive to Skipjack Point (50km) for Francois Peron Sunset Walking Tour
  • Walk from Skipjack Lookout to Cape Peron (1.5km) exploring stunning coastline and wildlife, learn about local Aboriginal culture and history
  • Afternoon tea at Cape Peron (shelter and toilet available)
  • Walk from Cape Peron to Bottle Bay (7km approx.), spot wildlife, explore spectacular natural landscapes
  • Drive from Bottle Bay to Peron Homestead (40km) for a relaxing ‘artesian hot tub’ followed by a BBQ dinner
  • Drop off to accommodation for overnight stay in Denham at 8.00pm

Day two – Wirruwanna Walk

  • 8.00am boat transfer from Denham to Dirk Hartog Island
  • Morning tea at ‘The Inscription ‘ – Australia’s most remote beach café
  • Tour of the old shearing shed and learn about European landing, early station life and the Return to 1616 Nature Conservation program
  • 4WD transfer to the spectacular Blow Holes, embark on a coastal walk along the majestic limestone cliffs (8km approx.)
  • Arrive at Herald Heights for a truly unique sundowner experience overlooking Australia’s last sunset including the Island’s Inscription Gin and nibbles
  • 4WD transfer back to the Eco-Lodge check into your sea-facing room overlooking the ocean
  • Didgeridoo Dreaming Night Experience – sit under the stars by the warmth of campfire and listen to ancient sound of the didgeridoo, stargazing

Day three

  • Enjoy breakfast followed by a Marine Safari looking out for dolphins, turtles, dugongs, and whales followed by a light picnic style lunch on a deserted island beach
  • 3.00pm boat transfer to Denham

About The Locations

Dirk Hartog Island Eco Lodge is a privately owned, untouched dream island destination, offering you the most unique eco yoga experience. Situated west of Monkey Mia and in a world heritage site, Dirk Hartog Island has been the home of the Wardle family for 53 years and has opened its doors and sublime tranquillity to those in search of a sense of inner peace and an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

There is no other place in Australia that has such historical significance as this unique island, situated off the western coastline of Australia. This was the place that the first European stepped onto Australian soil in 1616. Sailing from the Netherlands in Eendracht, Dirk Hartog landed at Cape Inscription at the northern end of the island where he erected a post to which he nailed a pewter plate inscribed with the details of his two day visit. This was the start of the discovery and exploration of the vast Australian continent and Dirk Hartog, after whom the island was named, was followed by further early explorers from the Netherlands, Britain and France. Whilst Dirk Hartog Island (and Australia) was unknown to Europeans prior to 1616, it was not uninhabited. The indigenous Malgana people have lived and thrived in this unique salt water country for at least 40,000 years before Dirk Hartog’s Discovering Dirk Hartog Island arrival. Its extraordinary natural heritage values are what has secured the island’s World Heritage status. The unique flora and fauna and geological formations are protected within one million square kilometres of marine and terrestrial parks and reserves and island consists of ochre-red cliff lines, coral reefs and pristine beaches. Now a National Park, Dirk Hartog Island is home to some of the most endangered (and in some cases extinct on the mainland) native Australian wildlife which has been made possible by an ambitious project called “Return to 1616,” aimed at restoring the flora and fauna to the way it was prior to European settlement. This has made the island an ark for some of the rarest and most beautiful sea and land animals including birdlife that can only be sited on Dirk Hartog Island.

Australia’s last sunset - Perched up high on 600ft steep cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, experience a sunset like no other. The vast island horizon painted with vibrant hues of orange, pink and red, as the sun descends on the rugged Australian coastline and its last rays of light illuminate the landscape, creating a dramatic contrast between light and dark. Watch as the ocean comes alive with turtles, dolphins and migrating humpback whales. This awe-inspiring experience, limited to a small group, offers travelers the unique opportunity to step off the grid and be immersed in one of the most pristine environments that West Australia has to offer. Teaming with unique flora and fauna, this world heritage island is steeped in history and surrounded by colourful corals and an abundance of marine life.

Tour Details

Availability: Tours run once a month from April to October,
Departure: Pick up/drop off to your accommodation

Prices, Dates & Booking Details

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